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Live Steam Engine Assembly with Matilda River Walden——Enginediyshop

20 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Are you ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of engineering, innovation, and family fun? Enginediyshop is thrilled to present an unforgettable experience with Matilda River Walden, the renowned YouTube sensation, as she and her family take on the challenge of assembling our spectacular Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model, live for the world to see!


🚂 Witness the Magic of Steam Power


The Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model is a true marvel of engineering, designed to bring the elegance and power of steam engines to your fingertips. This remarkable kit captures the essence of the Industrial Revolution, an era where steam engines transformed the world. Now, you can relive that magic in your own home!


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A Family Adventure

Join Matilda and her family as they dive into this exciting project together. Building Enginediyshop's Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model is more than just a hobby; it's a bonding experience that transcends generations. Witness the joy, laughter, and shared accomplishment as they work together to create something truly extraordinary.

🔧 Live Assembly - Step by Step

In this exclusive live assembly session, Matilda and her family will guide you through every step of the build. From unboxing to the finishing touches, you'll gain invaluable insights into the assembly process. It's like having a personal engineering masterclass from the comfort of your home!


🔥 SAVE $100 Now!

We understand the importance of making this incredible experience accessible to everyone. That's why, for a limited time, we're offering an incredible $100 discount on the Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model. But that's not all! Use the promo code "Fall101" during checkout, and you'll receive an extra 20% off! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bring the world of steam power into your life.

🛒 How to Order
Ordering is easy! Simply visit our website and select the Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model. Add it to your cart and apply the promo code "Fall101" for the additional 20% discount. With free worldwide shipping and fast delivery in 1-3 weeks, your journey into the world of engineering is just a few clicks away. Click Here to Place order!

📣 Share Your Experience

We want to see your creations! As you embark on your own Retrol Beam Steam Engine Model adventure, share your progress and final masterpiece with us on social media. Use the hashtag #Enginediyshop @Enginediyshop and join a growing community of passionate engineers and builders. Chance to win $100 coupon & free engine model .

🌐 Enginediyshop - Where Innovation Meets Education

At Enginediyshop, we're committed to inspiring the engineers and innovators of tomorrow. Our range of high-quality, educational models is designed to spark curiosity and fuel a passion for engineering. Join us in celebrating the art of creation and the power of knowledge.


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