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Power of Creativity: MOC RB-26 Block Building Engine Model

Hello Engine & MOC Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the heart of automotive engineering? Today, we're thrilled to introduce the MOC RB-26 Six-Cylinder Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Building Blocks Toy Set. Designed and licensed by the talented Ronald Tewes, this incredible model is a testament to precision engineering and offers a unique building experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

1. The Perfect Restoration:
The RB-26 model is an impeccable reproduction of the six-cylinder L20A engine, with the same bore and stroke as the renowned RB20. The attention to detail in this model is astounding, capturing the essence of the physical engine restoration. The unique design and color scheme add to its ornamental and collection value, making it a must-have for any engine aficionado.

2. High-Quality Parts:
Crafted from environmentally friendly ABS material, the set comprises a whopping 1985 parts, each of exceptional quality. The precision casting and machining molding ensure a tight and secure fit, eliminating any concerns about loose parts. With no burrs or jagged edges, the smooth surface and solid shape make the assembly process safe and enjoyable.

3. User-Friendly Assembly:
Featuring a clear instruction manual with a QR code, assembling the RB-26 is a breeze. Simply scan the code with your smartphone camera to access cloud instruction data. The steps are detailed, easy to understand, and guarantee a quick and satisfying assembly process. It's not just a model; it's an interactive experience!

4. Value and Significance:
Once assembled, the RB-26 becomes a stunning display model and background decoration. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this set serves as an excellent tool to exercise hands-on and thinking abilities. Whether you're a block enthusiast or a mechanical engine lover, this model is the perfect gift.

5. Precautions for Enjoyment:
The RB-26 set is suitable for individuals over 16 years old due to its intricate details. As with any building blocks, it's essential to handle the small particles with care. If you encounter any challenges during the assembly process, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.


Material: ABS
Weight: 1860g
Package Weight: 2460g
Product Dimensions: 41.7 x 37 x 26.5cm
Package Dimensions: 35.8 x 26 x 6.8cm
Age Recommendation: 16+
In Conclusion:
The MOC RB-26 Six-Cylinder Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Building Blocks Toy Set is not just a toy; it's an engineering marvel that celebrates creativity and innovation. Get ready to dive into the world of automotive excellence and let your imagination run wild. Order yours now and unlock the endless possibilities of block-based engineering!

Happy building!
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