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Universal Mini DIY Model Tools Kit

Universal Mini DIY Model Tools Kit

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Universal Mini DIY Model Tools Kit


1. One Stop Shop: Our mission is to provide you with rare miniature tools and model making supplies at low prices. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry. Different tool sets are customised for all stages of modellers, with a full range to meet different stages of modelling and a more reasonable mix.
2. Quality assurance: excellent value for money tool sets that are reliable and trustworthy for long use and storage. These tools will give an enjoyable DIY model making or repairing experience.
3. Application range: These will be indispensable and important tools for players when making or repairing models, and are widely used in military models, soldier models, mech models, train models, ship models, car models, aircraft models, engine models and other fields.
4. People served: Whether you are a professional craftsman or a model making enthusiast engaged in any of the following activities that require precision miniature tools, you can benefit from the ultimate selection of model making supplies. They can be purchased according to individual needs.


Material: metal + plastic;
Colour: as shown in the picture;
Model tweezers: size: 125mm, 135mm; purpose: clamping and fixing of small parts also for holding water stickers, masking tape, etc.;
Sanding sticks: size: triple/dual-sided sanding sticks; purpose: sanding hardware materials and (rough) hardware surface treatment processing; remarks: two types of sanding sticks, various coarse and fine polishing surfaces;
Model separator: size: 85*35*13mm; purpose: to pry open assembled model parts; remarks: bonded sandpaper tree to grind model surfaces;
Parts storage box: specification: 10 small compartments; purpose: to sort and store small tools for models, flexible and convenient to use;
File set of three: size: 140mm; purpose: for grinding hardware materials (roughing) hardware surface treatment processing;
Water sticker scissors: size: 90*45mm; purpose: for cutting small stickers in model making; remarks: please be careful during use;
Four-sided sanding block: specification: 9*3.5*3.5cm; purpose: for sanding models to increase the smoothness and brightness; remarks: four different rough and fine surfaces;
Screwdriver: specification: 0.3cm for one word, 0.3cm for one cross; purpose: locking and removal of model screws;
Model drill set: specification: drill set; purpose: polishing and polishing of models, drilling and cutting functions;
Straightedge: specification: 15cm; purpose: measuring model dimensions, etc.; remarks: for use in model making, hardware, woodworking, etc;
Cutting mat: specification: 300*220*3mm; purpose: to protect the table and cutter head when cutting, the scale on the engraving plate can be referred to; remarks: double-sided available cutting plate;
Mini-clamp bed: specification: 6.5cm*4.5*3.5cm (L*W*H); use: for sanding, drilling, polishing and other uses can be clamped, various regular or irregularly shaped objects;
Storage box: specification: 190*76*38mm; purpose: for putting in small objects of tools/parts for easy storage and finishing;
Carving knife: specification: 140mm long, 8mm diameter blade, 40mm long blade, 50mm long cap; purpose: trimming model parts for burrs and cutting small parts;
Syringe pen: size: 0.05 syringe pen; purpose: to add dimension to the model and make it more beautiful;
Sander: size: 165mm; purpose: to polish the details of the model; remarks: provide your own AA batteries*2;
Cutter: specification: one cutter; purpose: to use the tip part of the cutter for cutting, carving and dotting is the main function;
Scissors: specifications Japanese scissors; use: suitable for cutting parts from the board, cutting fine wires, circuit boards, trimming plastic burrs, etc.;
Pen knife: specification: 303 pen knife + blade * 12; purpose: trimming models trimming water spout burrs, etc;
Pencil: Specifications: GM01 black pencil, GM301 black pencil; purpose: to increase the model three-dimensional sense of official beauty

Packing list:

3-sided sanding stick*1, waxing strip*1, sanding strip*1, syringe pen*1, hobby knife*1, file*3, blue pen knife*1+blade*12, water sticker scissors (curved head)*1, screwdriver (cross + one) *2, 15cm steel ruler*1, straight tweezers*1, curved tweezers*1, Japanese-style cutting pliers*1, A3 storage box*1, A4 cutting pad*1, parts storage box*1, separator*1, 4-sided sanding block*1, electric drill set*1 set

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