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The EngineDiyshop YouTube Review Wall serves as your gateway into the fascinating world of intricately crafted engine models. Collaborating with renowned YouTubers, we bring you top-notch review videos, featuring the very best among our extensive range. As they uncover hidden treasures, delve into intricate details, and share their passion for these incredible creations, you'll discover the wonders within.

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A DIY enthusiast and YouTube reviewer. My channel explores a wide range of products, offering objective insights to help you make informed choices. From tech gadgets to creative crafts, there's something for everyone. Join me on this exciting journey!

“The fully assembled V16 diesel engine model is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. With its moving pistons and intricate parts, it flawlessly replicates the workings of a real engine, showcasing remarkable precision. Its meticulous design is both captivating and awe-inspiring.”

-La Chaîne Qui Déboîte

Top Popular YouTube Review Videos

 Ade Swash

“No workshop? No Problem! You can build a Model Steam Beam Engine without an engineering workshop! no tools or skills required. This Retrol Beam Steam Engine Kit from has everything you need to build your own Steam Plant with a beautiful Beam Engine.”

 Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels

“The clear instructions in this steam engine kit streamline assembly. However, some minor boiler and detail improvements are possible. A re-optimization could elevate its overall quality, making it even more captivating and enjoyable. I recommend it for hands-on DIY enthusiasts seeking enhancements!”

 Professor Simon Holland

“Hi there viewers, I live with my wife Dorothy in a 17thc French watermill. Worked in TV all my life and like to ask questions, solve mysteries and make stuff in the workshop, ride my E-Bike, drive our EV...hope you enjoy this too. ”


Xynudu is short for Rob, the owner of this channel. 
"I find it runs best if you 2/3 fill the boiler, heat the water, refill the burner (which is relatively small), then run it with the burner door flap open about 5 -10 mm so it can get enough air. It will run quite fast if you do this and adjust the governor. Cheers."

Tees Cottage Guy Productions

The Enginediyshop team is proud to present this Steam engine set, every component showcases the craftsman's impeccable skill. Clear instructions make the assembly process smoother. The final product is both captivating and delightful. Recommended for enthusiasts!

Matilda River Walden

This remarkable steam engine model is an absolute work of art. My brotherand I completed it together, and the process of assembly was utterlycaptivating. Together, we crafted more than just a steam engine; itembodied the essence of exceptional family teamwork.

Kota Scale Model

This is an “ASMR” video created from work sounds, including MOC Turbofan Engine production. Rotor rotation is powered by the M Power function motor. The battery compartment is concealed in the display foot, housing a medium M motor. The product's structure is accurately simulated and has undergone multiple revisions for a solid building experience. It offers a perfect reproduction of the structure with a unique design and color scheme, making it highly ornamental and collectible.


"Hey guys, today I'm going to do an assembly of the MOC engine. In case you didn't know, this engine is made to represent the real V8 engine. Many people think it is just a model made from bricks, but actually, all the parts are moveable and functional.
Thanks to EngineDIYShop for providing the MOC Engine!"

František Hajdekr

"Designed and licensed by Levihathan.1659 parts are included, with QR code instructions, which need to be scanned by the mobile phone camera to get the data of the instructions in the cloud. Rotor rotation is powered by the M Power function motor. The battery compartment is concealed in the display foot. The structure of the product is simulated and reasonable, it is solid and has a good building experience, is a perfect reproduction of the product and structure, unique design and colour scheme."

La Chaîne Qui Déboîte

"Encore un moteur en briques compatibles technics ! Et j'en ai encore un autre à faire derrière ! Pas mal de trucs à dire sur celui là alors c'est parti pour le test !

Reviewer In Steam Machines & Train Experts

Started Model Engineering and building model stationery steam engines in 2015

I'm Lawrie, vintage vehicle enthusiast and owner of locomotives, fire engines, tractors, cars and more.

Steam engine enthusiast 🚂 Based in the UK 🇬🇧, Share Steam Engines & Locomotive

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