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TECHING is a brand dedicated to nurturing industrial culture and is passionately committed to creating a platform for quality education. We aim to empower young individuals and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to develop practical skills, cultivate innovative thinking, and embrace the spirit of craftsmanship.

Why Choose TECHING Engine?
They say standing on the shoulders of giants lets us see farther. TECHING Engine opens doors to the rich history and intricate construction of various engines, such as car engines linked to Wilhelm Maybach, steam locomotives associated with George Stephenson, and pendulum clocks inspired by Christiaan Huygens. Dive into the world of metal building blocks and enjoy a journey of discovery.

What Model Kits Does TECHING Offer?
TECHING's DIY model series goes beyond car engines. Explore our diverse range of car engine model kits, including the popular TECHING V8 engine, radial engine, L4 engine, mini L4 diesel engine, V2 engine, and single-cylinder engine. But that's not all – we also offer STEM model kits like TECHING retro car models, steam locomotives, robots, pumping units, threshers, Galileo pendulum clocks, Eagles, and even dragonflies. Brace yourself; every one of these kits is a masterpiece in its own right!

Stay tuned with Enginediyshop as we unveil more TECHING model kits in the near future!

More About Enginediyshop & TECHING ENGINE:
At Enginediyshop, we boast mature product design and expertise in metal mold development. This enables us to craft a series of innovative simulation metal assembly tools that captivate consumers. Our highly realistic and creatively designed tools effectively ignite the curiosity of teenagers about the industry, sparking their imagination and nurturing their creativity. These educational tools also double as companions, strengthening the bond between parents and children during the journey of growth. What's more, these captivating, stylish, and meticulously designed imitation metal assembly learning tools can serve as teaching aids, gifts, display pieces, and more.

Furthermore, we extend our support to schools and educational institutions, offering a wide array of industrial-quality education solutions. These include teaching aids, comprehensive lesson plans, small craftsman laboratories, extracurricular interest counseling, and much more. Our vision is to establish a systematic education theme centered around industrial-quality education. We aim to nurture practical skills, critical thinking, innovation, and continue the legacy of the scientific spirit and craftsmanship. Our tribute goes to industrial civilization and the enduring spirit of craftsmanship.

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